Noteworthy: Pink dip-dye temple curls in FUCKINGYOUNG editorial

Faithful Dandy Diary readers will probably remember my pink dip-dye temple curls. No look I have worn in the past years has elicited stronger reactions within society.

There were no reactions. Neither laughter nor tears, or questioning or finger pointing.

It wasn’t perceived as fashion but as a Jew with a strange look, nothing you would dare laughing at here.

Our highly estimated colleagues over at FUCKINGYOUNG have produced a photo series where the model sports a comparable look.

Temple curls are combined with KENZO sweater, pleated-front trousers and tracksuit jacket. Will the temple curls ever arrive in the fashion mainstream? Will we be spotting hip boys with kippa, hat and temple curls in the walking streets of Duisburg?

Most probably not. However, it is noteworthy that there is an increasing amount of references to the Jewish Orthodox wardrobe in the fashion industry.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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