Not only for countryside-hillbillies: G-STAR RAW x AFROJACK

Our favorite jeans brand from Holland have now managed to convince the next DJ after EDM-distorter SKRILLEX (we celebrated that one like crazy) to do a collaboration:

G-STAR have, together with 2-meter-tall house DJ AFROJACK, have developed a 6-piece G-STAR collection for Capsule. Its so called key-visual is the Afrojack “A”. We think that’s totally ok. If you’re a hillbilly you can wear that on a t-shirt or a hoodie. You don’t have to though, of course.

The true strength of G-STAR is another one anyway: Jeans.

And the pants from the AFROJACK collection are the actual reason we do like this collaboration quite a lot, after all. The Dutch described the shape of the trousers as “A-Crotch”, which we’ll just translate here with, “baggy and tight legs”. The pants will be available in a dark black jeans pattern or just leather. We think both are awesome. For that we’ll even deal with that AFROJACK logo that has got be on there somewhere.

The obviously strictly limited collection will be available from 10 November on

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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