Not cool: CHEAP MONDAY cop KTZ

It’s no secret to any DANDY DIARY reader that KTZ is currently one of the hottest labels outside of the established fashion circles in Milan, and Paris. After all we are: Fans. (For a short time we were even hooligans but that’s already over again).

More or less creative Swedish tube jeans brand CHEAP MONDAY now proved as well that they are fans of KTZ during Stockholm Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. The Swedes were showing a look that was obviously KTZ inspired (see picture above). However, it was realized so half-assed and softie-style that we swallowed up puke when we saw this.

Seeking inspiration from other brands is one thing (and absolutely ok). However, taking a cool look and diluting it for mainstream compatibility and thus taking from it all its edginess is something we condemn with empathy.

We’re screaming at the top of our lungs: Away with the soft copycats at CHEAP MONDAY! Long live KTZ!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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