NIKE: Transparent Air Force One

Transparency is very in at the moment. Not only in politics (WikiLeaks, Die Piraten), and in private life (YouPorn) – but now also in fashion.

Sneaker producer NIKE has therefore created the opportunity of wearing transparent shoes for us. On NIKE platform NIKEiD you can from now on choose “transparent” as a design tool and create your own shoes for $190 USD.

So from now on we reveal what kind of socks we’re wearing, and what condition they’re in. – or if we’re barefooted, and if yes, how our feet look when squished into sneakers.

We like this but will rush for a pedicure before ordering the see-through kicks, just to be safe.

P.S.: We really hope this will not lead to a comeback for colorful socks, because those are still terrible as hell. In a transparent Air Force 1 you wear white tennis socks – or nothing.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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