NIKE: Kevin Durant Birthday Shoe

If you get your own birthday shoes from NIKE for your 25th birthday, which then is also distributed to stores across the globe must have accomplished more than just win the weekly drinking competition at the local pubs in Berlin. So we’re out basically.

Kevin Durant, however will have the honors though. The 206 cm tall basketball player from the Oklhoma City Thunder will be a quarter century old on 29 September 2013 – and then he can go into a NIKE store and can buy himself the birthday gift that was designed for him especially.

Anyway, how NIKE ended up at a combination of grey fabric, hiking-boot, polka dots, and turquois sole is unclear to us. We do find the sneakers especially because of their “non-basketballness” pretty damn cool. They look good.

Whether Kev could, well, score any points, with these on the rough street courts of Oklahoma City has to be questioned. At least those shoes would definitely not be ripped off by a ruthless street gang. They’re a little bit too fancy for that-

We’ll just say: Happy Birthday Kevin!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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