NIKE Air Trainer Max ’91 Bo Pack


By now we’ve all seen Caps, t-shirts, and jackets with the Oakland Raiders a little too often.  Actually: We really can’t see them anymore. Not cool anymore. Please throw them all out. Now.

What we still do like to see however, are signature sneakers from awesome guys. That’s why we’re really digging the new “Air Trainer Max ’91 Bo Pack” by NIKE.

For one we like the shoe held in Raiders colors black and white with a silver touch, and we also think the guy they designed them for back then is pretty fucking cool: Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson.

His affinity for violence brought Jackson the flattering nickname “Boarhog” in his young days. In short: “Bo”. That’s the name he goes by to date. Of course, we’d do the same.

What’s amazing: The signature shoe comes together with a “Bo” jersey, that fortunately doesn’t have a Raiders logo anywhere. Brilliant! That’s why it also doesn’t matter that there is a small Raiders skull stitched onto the right shoe. You can barely see it anyway.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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