Next big thing: Common Affairs

The 3rd biggest export after beautiful women and Ikea furniture is fashion. Swedish labels such as ACNE, TIGER OF SWEDEN, CHEAP MONDAY, H&M, and FILIPPA K have been among the most influential brands in the fashion business for years.

A Swedish label that’s relatively young, yet causing a lot of stir at the moment is COMMON AFFAIRS. Emma Hedlund and Saif Bakir are behind the fashion brand. Both have studied in London before working for Korean label WOOYOUNGMI and KANYE WEST in Paris.

They have been back in their home country for a few years now to focus on their label. A very good decision because COMMON AFFAIRS’ fashion is much acclaimed. ELLE honored them with the Newcomer Award, and T Magazine declared their love to the Swedes in a piece as well.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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