New York Fashion Week: Y-3 – Spring/Summer 2014

The important news first: The shorts over long pants trend will be continuing throughout spring 2014! So we can all relax and keep sporting this fantastic look.

For the rest Yohji Yamamoto, who has now already been working with ADIDAS for brand Y-3 for over 10 years, showed a lot of things we expected from him – because we know it. However, that is in the best way.

The ageless 7o-year-old Japanese showed layer looks in the colors black and grey that he is known for, at New York Fashion Week. He also did experiment with graded color prints he developed together with British graphic designer Peter Salville. Also, he always places the omni-present stripes of partner ADIDAS in the exact right spots, for example on knee-long tops-

The only thing we find obnoxious is the “Anti” line. Absolutely redundant.

Other than that: strong collection from our favorite Japanese. Yeah Yohji, Yeah!


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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