New York Fashion Week: this is how much a Fashion-Show costs


The.. ehm .. ‘fashionistas’ from did some research because of the current New York fashion week, and calculated, how much a fashion show there costs.

We are going to sum it up roughly:

  • The location costs between 15.000,- and 60.000,- dollar in New York. That might seem like a lot for a half-hour long show, considering the construction that easily takes two to three weeks, like at RALP LAUREN, that actually is close to a bargain.
  • The styling of the arduously and naturally unfinished until the very end, made outfit-samples, is done for around 10.000,- dollar. A stylists job for a show takes up to 14 days. 
  • Production and PR of the show, usually is taking care of by an agency, which asks for 10.000,- to 20.000,- dollar.
  • For the hair & make-up of the models, fashion-houses usually don’t come up for. Likely they let hair- or beauty-product companies sponsor their show. If a designer is not able, to find an adequate sponsoring, he must be pretty dumb. Some beauty-brands even pay, to make models pretty – 5.000,- to 15.000.- euro. Therefore it seems useful to have some champagne with a hairspray-creator from time to time.
  • The models, who are presenting the brand-new clothes with their hungry hips, cost between 200,- to 500,- dollar. That summarises when you have 10 to 20 models at a show. Internationally well-known top-models easily cost a few thousand dollar. The matter of expense ‘model’, therefore should not be underestimated, when planning your next NYFW-show. 
  • Labels pay 20.000,- to 50.000,- dollar, for a livestream on a big fashion-website. This way, customers from Asia who are just crazy about buying but lazy about travelling, can check what they want to be sent to them next.
  • Because it is not enough that Suzy Menkes and a few other journalists from the industry, write about the presented collection and the bombastic show, one needs celebrities, so that also the rainbow-press writes their lines. For A-list celebs, like David and Victoria Beckham for example, design-houses pay up to 100.000,- dollar – which takes the calculation of a show into absurd dimensions. Two, three hot celebrities therefore can double the production-costs of a show. But anyway, the yellow-press is printing their reports.
Naturally, everything that our girlfriends from fashionista are writing, is very interesting and enlightening. After all it is showing that random shows without celebrities cost around 200.000,- US-dollar. Also big shows, like Marc Jacobs or BURBERRY, cost easily 1.000.000,- dollar, so the fashionistas. Karl Lagerfeld’s CHANEL excesses or the LOUIS VUITTON-train(costs: 8.000.000.,- dollar) are another league. That is brutally absurd – and therefore brutally awesome!
But there is one thing that the writers and New York fashion week-fashionistas forgot, somehow: the fashion. 
Because only the purchasing of the fabrics, the sewing of the samples, the minimally paid interns and the expensive courier-rides threw the city, are not exactly cheap. This does not really matter at New York fashion week, it seems. Here it’s all about the show – and for that, 100k-celebrities are more important, than expensive fabrics, fairly paid tailors and hard-working design-teams. 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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