New York Fashion Week: MARC BY MARC JACOBS – Autumn/Winter 2014

How big of an impact is the well of us in the strongest hyped super label HOOD BY AIR to the latest men’s fashion, was recently seen at the New York Fashion Week, when Marc Jacobs – after all, one of the most important designers of our time – showed his MARC BY MARC JACOBS collection.

But not only at # HBA (as you casually write on the social web) seems to be a great inspiration for the three-quarter pants, printed longsleeves and to have been disguises, but also the London avant-garde label KTZ (sewn, colorful, wild compiled patches and motocross aesthetics). The white turtleneck sweater (awesome!!) and the oversized down jackets (awesome too!!) are as much like all pieces of the collection to the current standard of cool things (maybe Marc Jacobs indeed just attentively read  DANDY DIARY , here we have already written about pretty much everything he shows in his designs).

But is it enough to borrow from  the trendy young labels for an entire collection and imitate it underdone ? We not really think so. Even the slogans that JACOBS printed onto his sleeves show you how stiff that all is: words like Revolution MBMJ and Rally. Of course this doesn´t work this way, too obvious and unimaginative.

If Marc Jacobs was a young designer, we would say: that goes all into a good direction, is inspired by the correct labels and probably that could, with some independence, get quite good. As we are talking about Marc Jacobs, one of the most known and successful designers who we currently have, we have to state: this is a very flat, uninspired and poorly together stolen collection, the muscle man with his M&M tattoos should feel ashamed for that (and for the college jackets anyway).

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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