New trend-boot? Palladium Boots

Yesterday you have seen them in our romantic ‘Look du Jour’ autumn-special, today you will see them in the brand new video of MAJOR LAZOR: the boots by PALLADIUM 

That can not be a coincidence. We were suspecting for a long time now, that the sportswear-trend is going to change into a functional-wear-trend – and this is were PALLADIUM boots fill the blank perfectly, with their exergy and characteristic sole.

While David and I were testing our new boots by jumping into puddles and taking strolls threw Arkona Platz, the ‘Underground Street Chronicals’ are brutally pulling off the ‘Krump’-dance in MAJOR LAZERS video, which we should not imitate. That is unless we want to embarrass ourselves to the very limit.

Anyways, the boots seem to be the latest shit – here in Berlin as well as in the black-light flooded film studios in Los Angeles. Our decision on shoes so far : Nothing but great. Yes!

The video right here-


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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