“New Kids On The Blog” – Dandy Diary in GQ

The guys from GQ paid us a visit during Fashion Week in Berlin and wrote an article about it afterwards that was published today.

Well go ahead and say: Yes! And: thank you, thank you (far too kind). After all, it’s always been a big dream of ours to be in the same magazine as Bruce Willis. Been there, done that!

The article with the very associative headline “New Kids on the Blog” is about us having a punk orgy, making out, and getting anarchy signs tattooed – and how everyone talked about it afterwards. That’s how it is, the fashion week: Gossip-addicted and rumor –loving. We think that’s great, we love it. We’re the same.

The article also deals with a few other topics though: Business and stuff.

“The internet entrepreneurs, both 28, are proof that while lagging behind the German blogosphere has gained a lot of diversity and individuality – having brought about remarkable protagonists as of late in the otherwise quiet area of men’s fashion and men’s topics.”

You can read the entire article in the current March 2013 issue of GQ Germany. We’re super proud and just got two decade-long subscriptions for GQ.

P.S.: On the GQ homepage we’re featured in the category “entertainment” and in the sub category “stars”. Cool, huh?: www.gq-magazin.de/unterhaltung/stars/blogger-netz-dandys

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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