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New in: Kenzo X New Era Cap

Ok, it was clear. I’ve also fallen for the current KENZO trend. Quickly bought one of the collaborations hats (as long as caps are still in), color-matched pants with the tank top and a bolero, and placed myself devoutly onto a bridge in Hamburg-Eppendorf. 

The whole KENZO x NEW ERA collection can be bought in KENZO-Onlineshop at a relatively fair price , which i can only insistently recommend. It’s a great feeling to stand on a bridge wearing it.

Von: Jakob



70s Rockstar-Chic: LUISA VIA ROMA – Spring/Summer 2015 ‘Backstage Pass’ Editorial

If you want to believe the hip stylists of the Florence-based luxury store LUISA VIA ROMA and if you were paying attention at our last fashion week opening party in january this year, you know it already: the 1970s are currently brutally hip.

In their new editorial ‘Backstage Pass’, in which the LVR-stylist Carmel Walsh is showing the hottest pieces of the spring/summer-collection 2015, we can see a lot of 70s glamour and glammy rockstar-styles by, among others, DRIES VAN NOTEN, DOLCE & GABBANA, LANVIN, SAINT LAURENT, HAIDER ACKERMANN and BALMAIN.

If 70s rockstar-chic, then please like that, we think. That one has to have at least as much cash as the Rolling Stones, is obvious.

luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-04-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-05-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-01-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-06-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-07-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-08-960x640 luisaviaroma-springsummer-2015-backstage-pass-editorial-03-960x640


Von: Julian



Triple White: NIKE ‘Sock Dart’

Yes! White shoes are more important this summer, then for a long time. Everybody should have a pair, at least. Here counts: the whiter, the better.

Very handy therefore would be the model ‘Sock Dart’ from the sportswear-giant NIKE in ‘triple white’. Whiter is nearly impossible. Only the damn and apparently unavoidable ‘swoosh’ is black. Ugh!

When the shoe is going to be released, is ,according to the trade magazine Sneaker Freaker, which called the shoe ‘clean, minimal and ice cold’, not sure yet. We are guessing though, that the snow-white ‘Sock Dart’ is not thought of as an autumn/winter-shoe and is going to be released soon.

Von: Julian



PALACE SKATEBOARDS – Spring/Summer 2015 Drop on the Web-Shop

Attention! Attention! The hot skate-brand PALACE had a new DROP on their web-shop, exactly today.
Don’t be fooled and urgently buy at least one piece of the brand-new spring/summer-collection. Everything is still hot and a sure shot. You will only be able to do something wrong by wearing it in autumn/winter 2015. Until then: all good, all hip.
We recommend the long-sleeves. But of-course that doesn’t matter also. Most important it that you get ANYthing. Follow here to get to the web-shop.




‘It-Boy’, ‘Fashion Manager’ and ‘new Lagerfeld’ – the Superelevation of Justin O’Shea in the SPIEGEL

In the current issue of SPIEGEL (18/2015), there is a, generally surprising 4 pages-long, article about the Justin O’Shea, who is being jazzed up to an ‘it-boy’, ‘fashion manager’ and ‘new Lagerfeld’.

That is really unusual. Generally, the news-magazine does not engage on fashion-topics – unless they explain relations that go beyond the fashion industry. That can not be said about O’Shea. He may be an often photographer buyer at a successful enterprise, who understands his practice very well, but actually there is nothing further.

The SPIEGEL made a story of success out of it, which is incomparable. Again, the PR-story of the robust Australian outback-underdog is described, who has been working in a mine for a while and who does not fit into the smooth world of fashion. Furthermore the whole success of the luxury online-dealer is attributed to the Buyer, which is hardly the truth. Mainly responsible for the success is the online-marketing, which is attaching the right Google keywords to the products, the visual merchandising, which is staging the products in the right way – and yes, also the buying. That O’Shea’s success rate with the buying of goods is seen as ‘legendary’, is only a statement by the author, which is not proven by her. It probably is rather good, other wise the Australian would not have his job anymore, but legendary? Well.

Also at it happens, that bought products are not sold. These are getting exchanged by more saleable products, with big fashion-houses, during the season. These swaps are usual in the industry. But they appear to not stand in the way of the legend of the wise buyer.

What is interesting for the SPIEGEL, which still understands itself as the embodiment of quality-journalistic research, is: they could not find out the age of O’Shea. is being silent about this ever since, O’Shea as-well of-course. But with a bit of research effort, one should be able to find that out, especially a magazine, that is researching every small detail of secret government papers three times.

As-well it stays unclear, at which Kuwaiti luxury boutique O’Shea has worked at. does not provide any information about this either. The SPIEGEL is apparently accepting the info given, without checking. Did the publishing house of SPIEGEL, as the one of BURDA, fired his entire final editors and forgotten to inform anyone about it. Somehow it seems like it. And it continues:

The ‘uncountable tattoos’, with which the, supposedly, back-then 30-year old O’Shea has applied at the MyTheresa-owners Susanne and Christoph Botschen, six years ago, apparently were not so many back-then, as it is guessed today. Also the beard and the muscles were not present on the, ex-rugby-player, if one wants to believe the article. It seems really interesting what is said about that in Munich, the headquarter of

When O’Shea came to Munich many years ago and started working for the enterprise, he didn’t speak german and therefore had a hard time to get along in the city. To distract himself, he started to work out intensively. Later on, the back-then skinny skinhead-looking O’Shea grew a beard (which by they way is not at all a ‘neat hipster full-beard’ but much more of a grown-out Harley Davidson chin beaver). The tattoos were added over the years: each season the buyer gets a tattoo of his favourite luxury-product.

The brand Justin O’Shea was therefore formed during his time at How much of that has been personality marketing, and how much is the truth, is not clarified by the article – and is not tried to be solved.

Big pictures and a bit of branch-folklore appear to be enough for the SPIEGEL for soft topics as fashion. Well. We have recognised that.




New York Fashion Week: Hood by Air AW 2015

HOOD BY AIR presented their new collection ‘Daddy’ in a cellar-like setting at the Wall Street, the centrum of finance.

The mastermind behind HBA, Shayne Oliver, showed classics from the world of fashion, like button-down shirts, sweaters and polo t-shirts in the typical unisex Hood by Air Silhouette. Therefore it came to an hybrid between polo shirt and dress. Or camel coat and tank top.

The models wore locks in-front of their mouths and tights over their heads, like burglars. The soundtrack of the show, total freedom, was ended drastically, followed by jazz, underlined with the statement of the Empire:

“I wanna show you a faggot really can run this company”.

It becomes obvious how appreciated HBA is also in the art-world, when looking at the guests who attended the show, for example Klaus Biesenbach and Grace Coddington.

It seems that HBA, even after the diss by their once supporter A$AP ROCKY, is still very hip.




Uh! calling @justinoshea an It Boy. Well wed rather call the buyer an It Viking or maybe just

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