New Era X Jeremy Scott – unfortunately not pretty!

We don’t like Jeremy Scott. The cooperation with New Era, one of our favorite brands for Basecaps, is not changing a thing. We seriously ask ourselves, how it was possible that those two are working together. A desperate “Why?” is adequate here. 

Not long ago, New Era cooperated with KENZO, a label which is very trendy among fashion lovers these days. And now they work with the noisiest designer of planet earth, Jeremy Scott. 

Scott remains true to himself with his designs for New Era: noisy and tacky. It’s not really known, who should wear those creations by Scott, Pimps or Hookers? Or a bunch of Bears, before they go out? 

For New Era, Scotty designed a shiny Cap with a bold “One”, a Cap with scary fake snake skin and a cap which makes us think of a lampshade: 

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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