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Must-Have: Voodoo Pullover by Anne Sofie Madsen

If we ever have deal with the “Face” hot topic, one designer shouldn’t be missing: Anne Sofie Madsen.

The Danish fashion-creative rocks. Unfirtunately, Madsen only Designs for the ladies’ world. Die dänische Modeschöpferin rockt. Leider designt Madsen ausschließlich für die Damenwelt. Doch das soll uns natürlich nicht davon abhalten ihre And that, of course, doesn’t hold us back from finding her Voodoo-Pullover fantastic:

Von: David





For the Chavs amongst the Health Goths: Nike Air Max 95 ‘Triple Black’

In case that you are currently totally up for buying some proper sneakers, but not sure which ones to get, we advise you, without asking, to get the NIKE „Air Max 95“ in triple black.

Not only does the shoe fit perfectly to the current health-goth-look, but also to the upcoming winter and to your, hopefully also, triple black kept soul. Besides, the model “Air Max 95″, is next to the super-hot “Huarache” the best NIKE design on the market right now. You should have at least one pair in your closet – or even better: on your feet. 

Combined with the right sweat suit, you could rule in every northern English working class quarter (which is really important).

The sneaker is, amongst others, available here, for 160,- US Dollar. 

Von: Julian







Berlin Art Week Ai Weiwei Framed Rich in content they say

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