“Must-Have”: IsaacyManu Pullover

The have AK-47s printed on t-shirts (cool) and get braces-wearing girls in innocent poses to model for their lookbooks (brilliant) – the Spanish designer duo IsaacyManu. Currently their causing a huge erection in the Berin office of Dandy Diary.

The pullovers of the two Spaniards are walking the line between Balenciaga, JUUN. J, SOPOPULAR and trashy unicorn t-shirts that can be found at every sad suburban fair. We think the pullovers are amazing and make them a “Must Have”.

Self-proclaimed prince, Pelayo Diaz from KateLovesMe proves just how great that sweatshirt can look in his current photo series. The pullovers cost as much as sex with a Thai prostitute on a train station toilet in Bremen. 50 Euros.

So with regards to price this should also be affordable for the young readers of Dandy Diary whose income is limited to whatever pocket money they get from mommy. You can order the pullovers online here.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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