Millennium Comeback: Racing Trend

We already wrote about the “Found Factory Defect” NASCAR Sweater by Heron Preston very recently, and it’s just one item of a bigger trend unfolding to conquer the fashion industry:

The RACING trend – hot as shit!

Not only It-Boy Preston is working with the aesthetics of motor sports but also the biggest in the industry.

SUPREME are launching a racing jacket. London-based fashion designer LOU DALTON is designing logo sweaters in a racing aesthetic for OPENING CEREMONY. And Jakob bought a pair of racing pants (!).

The trend carousel is turning faster and faster. It was only in the first millennia years that the fashion industry was dealing with the racing trend. People were wearing hi-top PUMA CAT racing shoes combined with racing jackets.

The racing trend can be viewed as a continuation and radicalization of the universally present logo trend. There hardly are any jackets around that have more branded logos on them than racing jackets.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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