Milan Fashion Week: Versace Spring/Summer 2014

After an athletic finale at the Dolce&Gabbana show Versace too had some sportiness going on. Donatella Versace who, like a true athlete, stopped smoking before the show, showed one of the most consequential versions of the athletic trend:

She had XXL muscle patches stick on the buff bodies of the models. They looked almost like tattoos the way they were applied so extensively and thus turned into a relevant part of the overall look. Muscle patches as a fashion statement – Who would have thought a few years ago?

The Versace models were marching on the runway like gladiators in the old Rome to the blasting soundtrack of “You have become my obsession”. They were wearing tight-fitted suits, twin sets in the Versace pattern, sandals with stud applications, leather pants, and jackets, overalls with wild color sprinkles, or sometimes just a underpants with the Versace logo.

Images: FuckingYoung

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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