MILAN FASHION WEEK: Prada with Hawaiian shirts

What do Muccia Prada, Comedian Jürgen von der Lippe and us have in common?

It’s the passion for Hawaiian prints. In their Prada Spring/ Summer 2014 collection the only designer with a PHD is showing shirts and pullovers with 50s vintage Hawaiian prints.

The new Prada collection doesn’t fall under the category “beautiful” but that would somehow be disappointing anyway. We’re used to the Italian designer’s way of creating individual, strange, and disturbing aesthetics that will only be understood one or two seasons later – and are then often copied by other designers.

As can be guessed from the title of her collection, Menacing Paradise, Prada doesn’t deal with the cliché of a paradise summer, but with the dark side of paradise:

Images: FuckingYoung

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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