Michał Mrzygłód – colorful-futuristic-genius fashion from Poland!

This week I will be going to Poland Fashion Week in Lódz again. Again.

There are many reasons why one should visit the Polish Fashion Week.

The show by up and coming designer JOANNA STARTEK. Or the never-ending nights at the sweaty-excessive Mały Pikuś.

Very soon the show of another young designer Michael Mrzygłód could also be a reason to move your ass to Poland Fashion Week. His debut collections at least is very impressive.

He shows turquois neoprene jackets with cut-outs, high-tech-hats, tank tops with motives so blurry you can’t the motive becomes unrecognizable, floor-long skirts and an IT plastic bag (with a fish inside).

The entire collection, also the presentation of the lookbook by photographer Daniel Jaroszek is abstract and futuristic. The designs fuse classical Japanese elements (Geisha shoes) and current trends (cut-outs).

Fotos: Daniel Jaroszek


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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