Merino Wool: Alexander Wang and the Sheep

The fact that New York-based designer Alexander Wang has entered a collaboration with the WOOLMARK COMPANY as an embassador for Merino wool and its “high quality and natural fabric” obviously doesn’t interest us at all.

However, the shot star photographer Annie Leibovitz took for the campaign has definitely caught our attention.

The dark image with an angry-looking sheep with horns, and an even more angry-looking Alexander Wang in a black cape doesn’t so much make us think of “high-quality and natural fabric” but rather of the excessive goat-sacrifices within the Norwegian black metal scene.

That’s not so far off since the breeding of Merino sheep is quite bloody endeavor:

“Merinos were bread to have a wrinkly skin in order to increase the amount of wool per sheep. Those wrinkles gather urine and humidity. These attract flies who leave eggs in those wrinkles. In an attempt to prevent such a fly attack the farmers take horrifying measures – mulesing. Without any painkillers plate-sized pieces of flesh are being cut out of the area around the sheep tails in order to create a smooth, scarred surface that is not attacked anymore by the flies. (Source: Peta).

After naming the New York designer Alexander “Fair Trade” Wang over a year ago it should now probably be changed to Alexander “Animal Rights” Wang. We’re totally excited about this openly communicated lack of any morale whatsoever! Congrats!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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