Mean Diss: Roberto Cavalli vs. Karl Lagerfeld


“Just because you are an artist you don’t have to dress like that. Karl Lagerfeld, he looks ridiculous.”

Yes, that’s exactly what Roberto Cavalli said about his colleague Karl Lagerfeld.

Wow! Insane! The rudeness!

Still, we agree with Cravalli. If anyone on this planet has earned the right to criticize the look of Karl Lagerfeld then it’s this lunatic Italian with the ever unbuttoned shirt and the big sideburns.

Just how ridiculous the Lagerfeld look becomes when you’re not Karl Lagerfeld, Cavalli proved at Halloween a while ago: He came dressed up as Karl. Also quite funny, and also cheeky.

Cavalli we love you, you old joker.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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