Marketing, Music, and Fashion: ASOS x AZEALIA BANKS


Online retailer ASOS produced a music video with super hip newcomer AZEALIA BANKS for her song “Fierce”.

The 79-second video serves as a Marketing tool for ASOS, because all clothing shown in the video can be bought in their online shop.

Collaborations between big fashion labels and musicians have been very popular recently. VERSACE announced a cooperation with M.I.A., SUPREME got a lot out of the hype around the ODD FUTURE crew (they’ve been sponsoring them since their early days), and CHANEL hired the CHROMATICS to do a soundtrack for their show, the material of which the band used in turn for a video. So, collaborations everywhere, and that’s even disregarding KANYE WEST’s attempts to get a foothold in the fashion industry.

Outfitting almost an entire music video with the pieces of a single retailer and even advertising this as such introduces a new type of commerce that wouldn’t have existed during the era of music television due to way too obvious product placement (actually it’s even beyond that).

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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