Making of: DANDY DIARY – “MY GIRL”

Both Dandy Diary music video productions came close to adventure trips.

On our way to the Czech mountains where we shot the video to our Xmas hit “CHRISTMAS TIME” we got stuck on a gravel road in Poland by night because we hadn’t thought of bringing snow chains.

In Mallorca where we produced “MY GIRL” we lived with Reinhold who invited us to his house without knowing us personally. We quickly found out that he is completely insane, and earns his money with delicious chocolate.

In the making of “MY GIRL”, besides the candy pusher Reinhold, you get to see two pop stars in the making, sexy bikini girls, video artist Arturo Martinez Steele, Hair- and make up artist Kristin Belger, head of production Miky (a.k.a Miky the Streaker), and Vice stylist Tim Neugebauer.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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