There are two things you’ve got to give to Swedish Retailer H&M within the context of their Designer cooperations:

1) H&M surprises time and again with the choice of the designers (Karl Lagerfeld, Marni, Comme des Garcons, Maison Martin Margiela).

2) H&M comes up with a twist for each of the guest collections.

For the current cooperation with MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA that will be available in stores from 15 November, the special something are: Shoes.

Apart from a variety of clothing pieces compiled from re-issues as we all know, the shoe classic of the Belgian fashion house are being reproduced in H&M quality and price, that is.

Two pairs of hi-top sneakers (red and white), two pairs of half boots (black and white), as well as two pairs of slippers (white and nude, awesome!) will be available for us guys.

The prices for the shoes haven’t been announced yet but that doesn’t matter. We don’t want to buy the shoes anyway because we think the mysterious show-off label MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA shouldn’t have cooperated with H&M, i.e. joining forces with high street fashion. Oh well. Again, it doesn’t matter.

EDIT: The prices are out now: €99 for the sneakers, €149 for the slippers, and €199 for the half boots. Danke an Leserin “El Grande”.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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