Ludacris wears them and so do we now: SOUL headphones

Since it is “Throwback Thursday” that some of you Twitter show-offs might know as #tbt, we dug out a photo from our DANDY DIARY POOL PARTY from July this year.

The reason is not this damn internet holiday or our brilliantly happy faces before the party but rather the fact that we were given very colorful headphones from SOUL that we’ve been sporting night and day since.

Obviously we’re not just wearing them because of their fantastic looks but because diamond-earring wearing Ludacris has them as well.

Because we don’t have any ice to put in our purulent ear holes we’ll just put on our favorite headphones (model SL300) to listen to Ludacris’ awesomely titled Word of Mouth album hoping no one will be noticing our missing ear accessories.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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