LOVEGANG Perfume: A declaration to the monopoly of designer scents

Summer is almost here which makes me want to attract a few girls so I spent months contemplating what my new signature scent should be.

Art collective LOVEGANG fortunately took that crucial decision out of my hands. Because those guys put a scent out there that you can do no wrong with. I now take a daily bath in it.

Why the hell those five lovers decided to declare war to all DOUGLAS outlets in this world they explain as follows:

“The LOVEGANG perfume is an Independent Art of Perfume Project. A declaration to the monopolization of designer scents and a love declaration to each individual sharing our values and LOVEGAND spirit!”

We think that’s fantastic, the scent is an aphrodisiac, and the bottle design with the silver lid is ridiculous as well – and now we’re screaming at the top of our lungs: Buy now, you smelly bastards!

P.S.: You can purchase the Lovegang perfume in Hamburg, for example at Stoffsüchtig and of course everywhere on the web

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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