Bild Blog, a media-critic, sneers at a filling pages LOUIS VUITTON-Story in Zeit Magazine, which is barely disguised as the train ride of an Image-Blogger

“Other than the teaser, the headline and the layout of the article suggests, this story is not about Selbys Journey. This is only mentioned in the second paragraph of the article – in only three sentences, to be more accurate. 

The rest of the article is neither about the blogger nor the train ride. It is basically about three things: The “big brand” Louis Vuitton, their new fall collection and China as a growth market for luxury goods – luxury goods like those by Louis Vuitton.

By the way, it’s not like Todd Selby decided to go on this trip by himself. He did it on behalf of the Fashion-Company (…)”

Bild Blog finds it very obnoxious, that there is a CHRISTIAN DIOR-Fragrance-Advert just a few pages further in the magazine and thinks about a connection between these two things – after all: CHRISTIAN DIOR and LOUIS VUITTON both belong to the same company LVMH. 

The Zeit Magazine denies a connection. Let’s just believe that.

Although it would be highly interesting to know, if Zeit Magazine paid for this long, large-sized photo series. If yes, this would be radical: to pay for a more or less obvious advert would be a new quality in journalism. On the other hand it would be still weird if not: After all it is common to pay for foto-reports, articles and so on. The one who doesn’t pay, apparently has it’s reasons. For example finances by a company. Whoops! 

However this case may be: Zeit Magazine loses a lot of credibility with that. 

We, as we are the most unpurchasable of all blogs, are screaming: Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! 

Image: Bildblog.de

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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