Lookbook: ROBERTO PIQUERAS – Fall/Winter 2013

We named Roberto Piqueras Next Big Thing a year ago. With his Fall/Winter collection for 2013 the London-based Spaniard proves that we nailed it with that prediction – and prove it he did.

Piqueras impresses with with ludicrous colors, images, logos and just things on his outfits in general that we get dizzy. We think that’s fucking brilliant. Especially his carefree attitude towards using copyrighted brand names such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sega impresses us. But also the prints of Aliens wearing crowns. Also: Tribals (!) – It’s just all incredible.

We would love to exchange his entire collection for whatever we have in our closets and run around all day as if tripping on LSD. There’s about as good as it gets anyway.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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