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Lookbook: PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO – Autumn/Winter 2012

I’m too weak for writing long texts today. It’s due to the fact that the coffee machine broke down and that I stayed in Dollhouse for too long yesterday.

Therefore, i can’t write very much more than ‘it’s really cool’ on PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO collection,  (obviously because of plastic buckles, shoes, silk balloon and the ubiquitous sportiness).

Please forgive the scarcity. I was weak – and am even more now.

P.S.: Those who don’t believe the written without many words and even more adjectives, are assholes and can go to hell.

Von: Jakob




Fucking Ugly: MCM x Stefan Strumbel Backpacks

We would not even wish to see our biggest enemies wearing the MCM x Stefan Strumbel backpacks on their backs.

These pieces are simply fucking ugly. The art by Stefan Strumbel is – well – to say it friendly, ‘very rich’. He creates kitsch-art out of cult-pieces like cuckoo clocks or wooden masks.

But the kitsch-art by Stefan Strumbel has nothing to do with MCM bags. Too much, much too much, too much - if you want to quote Bonaparte. That this is not working, should have appeared to everyone who was part of the design-process.

But it did not come to that insight or to a moment of clarity, sadly. Therefore queeky-colourful, flashy, kitschy motives by Strumbel were thrown on MCM bags.

Von: Julian



WOOD WOOD x Mickey Mouse

The US-cult-label Joyrich has designed a textile homage to the cartoon-series The Simpsons. Bobby Abley got inspiration for his last collection from ‘Arielle, the little mermaid’. And, yesterday is has been announced, that the Danish power-label WOOD WOOD is releasing a Mickey Mouse capsule collection in cooperation with Disney.

The comic-heros of our childhood are the new muses for fashion designers.

Drafts for the WOOD WOOD collection were the classic cartoons of the 1920s to 1930s, in which Mickey Mouse still was black and white. The DISNEY icon was warped by the WOOD WOOD graphic-department, multiplied and stretched.

The Mickey Mouse motives are going to be printed on the WOOD WOOD signature styles – sweaters, T-shirts and zippers. The collection is going to be released on the 20th of october at Colette in Paris. The global launch is going to take place in the 3rd of november.







@karllagerfeld made this for @louisvuitton and for if you can afford a 175,500 punching bag

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