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Lookbook: PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO – Autumn/Winter 2012

I’m too weak for writing long texts today. It’s due to the fact that the coffee machine broke down and that I stayed in Dollhouse for too long yesterday.

Therefore, i can’t write very much more than ‘it’s really cool’ on PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO collection,  (obviously because of plastic buckles, shoes, silk balloon and the ubiquitous sportiness).

Please forgive the scarcity. I was weak – and am even more now.

P.S.: Those who don’t believe the written without many words and even more adjectives, are assholes and can go to hell.

Von: Jakob



A very beautiful Sweater for this very shitty Weather: HENRIK VIBSKOV Fall/Winter 2014 Sweater

The good thing about the current fall/winter-weather is, that one is finally allowed to wear clothes from the current fall/winter-collections. For example this really beautiful, and surely also really warm jumper by the Danish designer HENRIK VIBSKOV.

Not so good about the current autumn/winter-weather is by the way: everything else.

Well, we do not want to complain. As long as we are wearing that jumper.

You can order the sweater for an absolutely okay price of 250,- Euro, for example here

Von: Julian




We wouldnt wear this like ever. And even @annabmueller would only wear this if there was a pizza on it. This weeks ugliest shirt comes from Raekwon X Alife.