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Lookbook: PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO – Autumn/Winter 2012

I’m too weak for writing long texts today. It’s due to the fact that the coffee machine broke down and that I stayed in Dollhouse for too long yesterday.

Therefore, i can’t write very much more than ‘it’s really cool’ on PUMA by MIHARAYASUHIRO collection,  (obviously because of plastic buckles, shoes, silk balloon and the ubiquitous sportiness).

Please forgive the scarcity. I was weak – and am even more now.

P.S.: Those who don’t believe the written without many words and even more adjectives, are assholes and can go to hell.

Von: Jakob



RAF SIMONS x STORM – 20th Anniversary Collection

STORM is one of the greatest shops in Copenhagen, a city, which inhabitants belong to the best styled people on earth, which could be because of STORM. The shop, owned by Rasmus Storm, exists since 20 years and supplies the hip Danes with hip fashion, so that they even look better as they already do.

For the 20-years anniversary, the maybe most important designer of our time, RAF SIMONS, has designed a limited T- and sweat-shirt collection together with STORM, which are exclusively available at the Copenhagen-based store and it’s online-store.

Partially the pieces are limited to 20 apiece, which kind of justifies the selling price of 329,- Euros for a sweatshirt (if you are willing to close one eye and if you are blind-sighted on the other one).

If you want to be as hip and pretty and well-dressed, as those hip, pretty and well-dressed Danes, then this shirt would be a good start.

Von: Julian








Professionally checking the new fallwinter collection at HERR VON EDEN store Berlin