Lookbook: MISFITS x SUPREME – Capsule Collection

Not-so-cool-anymore New Yorker street wear label SUPREME, secured the rights to the iconographic MISFITS skull and will be releasing a Capsule collection on April 18th which will feature the motives of the incredibly influential, incredibly great punk band from the late 70s.

Those who do not yet own a MISFITS shirt can now buy one at SUPREME. We recommend however investing that money at iTunes to get a hold of the band’s albums – to then directly get a tattoo of the logo with a bit of ink and a pen. Preferably on the larynx.

Conclusion: brilliant band, somehow redundant and shitty collection. After all, every half-decent on the planet already has at least one MISFITS t-shirt in the closet.

P.S.: Should anyone still want to buy a piece from the collection we recommend the white long sleeve with prints on the sleeves. That’s admittedly quite cool.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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