Lookbook: JUNYA MAFIA – Spring/Summer 2013

JUNYA MAFIA is a very young new label, the origin of which is unfortunately unknown to us. They just presented their very contemporary collection of dark street wear.

“Very contemporary” in this case of course means that it’s reminiscent of about a dozen other similar brands such as SSUR, CROOKS & CASTLES, BLACK SCALE and so on. Basically it reminds us of the entire wardrobe of A$AP Rocky.

While we can’t fucking stand that whole designer name alienation anymore for quite some time now, we do like the prints (Solomun’s seal,Yinga- & Yang symbols, abstract sun wheels) by JUNYA MAFIA.

Conclusion: It’s ok to wear it if it isn’t a problem for you to be made fun of from time to time for the stupid brand name – among others by Jun’ya Watanabe, chief designer at COMME DES GARCONS.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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