Look du Jour – 97

Look du Jour – 97 is an audiovisual spectacle that takes you into the universe of two hard-working guys. Matching the looks and the location you will hear a carefully selected sound bite when clicking play. The look is something in between the 1992 love parade and David Hodo (construction worker in Village People). We found inspiration for the photo series among the designs of Yohji Yamamoto. A few pieces of his Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection impress with somewhat of a work-wear charm making the choice of location for this shoot easy.

[wpvp_flowplayer src=http://dandydiary.de/content/uploads/2013/09/sound1.mp4 width=550 height=825 splash=http://dandydiary.de/content/uploads/2013/09/24.jpg]

[wpvp_flowplayer src=http://dandydiary.de/content/uploads/2013/09/gvfb.mp4 width=550 height=367 splash=http://dandydiary.de/content/uploads/2013/09/44.jpg]

[wpvp_flowplayer src=http://dandydiary.de/content/uploads/2013/09/glory.mp4 width=550 height=825 splash=http://dandydiary.de/content/uploads/2013/09/25.jpg]

Images: Arturo Martinez SteeleTechnical Support: Andres Sandoval


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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