Look du Jour – 95

Tourists who shop functional clothes galore in outdoor stores as if they want to climb Naga Parbart before exploring the capitals of the world are currently my biggest source of inspiration.

The tourist look has always had a chav-vibe. Think of Hawaiian shirts, camera around the neck, and straw hat. But since tourists are into functional clothes and dynamic footwear the look has transformed into something disturbingly progressive.

I am wearing a rain jacket by VERSUSMBT sandals and white PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND socks, running pants with UMBRO football shorts over them, an ASOS backpack, round sunglasses and a sunhat that I bought in an outdoor shop in South Korea.

Look du Jour – 95 is not only an homage to the look of the modern tourist but also to Peter Lindbergh. Lindbergh too, took photos of his models among uninvolved involved people in the streets of New York City.

Images: Dario Colledani

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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