Look du Jour – 94

The other day I was semi-hungover and roaming the streets of London-Dalston, probably the hottest area in town right now in this brutally fast city. I had no better idea than putting in a nose ring and grin like an idiot.

To not attract any further attention I put on a pair RAY BAN Wayfarers hiding my wide-open eyes that I was trying to spot the newest trends with (EFES beer, insanely spicy pizza slices, hooligan haircuts). I stuffed my pants in my socks to do as the local kids who brought this trend from the shitty suburbs of their cities and transferred it to cool East London.

Next to the obligatory white socks I was wearing REEBOK sneakers, my current favorite pair of pants by G-STAR, a white t-shirt by TOPMAN, a vest by THE SHIT, a KENZO cap, some gold bling bling and a semi-strong Cockney accent.

I really felt like I belonged with all these hopeless kids of the city.

At Heathrow, right before my flight back I had to pull my pants out of the socks again though. They thought I was a junior hustler.

No doubt: the look was authentic as hell.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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