Look du Jour – 89

For weeks I was browsing the planet to find an adequate future tribal streetfighter look, searching the hottest stores in London, New York, and Los Angeles only to come up empty-handed – until I coincidentally found a run down and dodgy martial arts shop in St.Pauli, Hamburg. Pure joy!

Pants and shirt of the outfit are by brand VENUM, which I was told is quite the opposite of cool within that scene. It had me immediately however – as soon as I saw their logo, that is: A Cobra head with tribal style. The jacket with incredibly awesome print “McNassty 13” is by ADIDAS and will apparently only be released sometime this fall. The sneakers are by NIKE, the socks are ADIDAS again. The watch is by FILA, my favorite brand at the moment.

The look is not really made for every-day life though. At Alexanderplatz in Berlin I was challenged to fight twice in a row by the same punk – and on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg I was congratulated for my Olympics victory.

Oh well, not pure joy anymnore.

Anyway, from now on you are welcome to call me by my new, very sporty nick name which is worth all defamation on the streets: “McNasty 13”

Fotos: Yonca Cavus

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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