Look du Jour – 87

Now and then we receive emails related to particular outfits. We’re being asked what we’re wearing in a certain photo, where it can be bought, or sometimes we’re just being insulted. We like that.

In the past few weeks however, our inbox was filling increasingly with emails regarding a specific look. Why exactly that outfit has caused such a stir and interest is beyond me. I have no explanation for it. It is: very strange. Oh well.

Anyway: I am going to reveal now what I was wearing on the 25th of April in Las Vegas, the city of gamblers, drinkers, and newlyweds:

My friend, stylist and BOYS BOYS BOYS founder Yves Hanke allowed me a look into his humongous private archive of suits from the 1970s and 1980s right before my departure to the US. He dug out this crème-colored straightforward suit, no frills. It must be among the coolest things I have seen in fashion as of yet.

The suit is by the brand MIAMI VICE, it’s equipped with a simple zipper instead of buttons, no revers, no pockets – and pants with the arguably best cut in the entire world. What’s more, it felt like a second, generously cut skin.

Should I ever end up in the unpleasant situation of having to wear suits on a regular basis, I will have dozens tailored following this example. That’s already set in stone.

To complement the suit I didn’t wear much else than a necklace from my mom, a white t-shirt, RAY BAN glasses, a black hair clip, Champagne, brown leather loafers by Philip von Mollenkott, a slight sunburn from L.A. – and at some point down the road – a golden ring.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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