Look du Jour – 116

For our ‘Look du Jour – 116’ we dug deeply in our sleeves full of tricks from the world of avant-garde male fashion: we helped ourselves at the female section and played a little gender-bending.

As a base, we grabbed two neoprene-like trouser from our friends at ASOS, which we wore in completely different ways: David pulled it up so high, that his dam nearly ripped and I let it hang as lose as possible before calling it harassment. 

With that, David was wearing a creme-colored mesh-fabric top (ASOS), which reminded us a bit of a very gay basketball-tricot, a suede and smooth-leather-combi-jacket (ASOS), a shoulder brief-case by EASTPACK and shoes by NIKE. I was wearing a somehow neoprene-like and mainly cropped women-top by ASOS, a watch by FILA, sunglasses by KERBHOLZ and suede-leather runners by CLARKS.

We realised later that afternoon, long after the picture above was taken at the canal, how good the choice of running-shoes was: In Kreuzberg, openly on the street, two young family-fathers (they must have been advertisers), started talking to us. First they offered us money for love and after we gigglingly refused, they tried to kill us. We ran for ours lives. All the way to Schöneberg. There, we were safe, at least for the moment. 

What we learned from that (1): Next to the Air Max, the running-shoe-trend also has its good sides. 

What we learned from that (2): Gender-beding may seem cool, but can cause some trouble.

What we learned from that (3): Advertisers suck. And always have sucked. 

Foto: Nils Krüger for thinkOOTB

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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