Look du Jour – 115

In ‘Look du Jour – 115’, I went to the cellar of our house, bad-ass as I am, to wear a piece from the Italian fashion-house ANTONY MORATO for the first time.

The brutally comfortable short-sleeved hoodie is not only from the ‘Silver’-collection by Morato, but also the first piece of clothing, that got send to us straight from Italy. We are now members of the super-exclusive Morato-gang, to which others like womanizer and photographer Yvan ‘Facehunter’ Rodic, the world-traveller and photographer Emanuelle D’Angelo and the great photographer Adam Katz, belong. Antony Moratos very personal comment: 

“From February onwards carefully selected charming men will star in the Tales of Style by Antony Morato, letting the audience take a peek into their fabulous lives. Chosen for their vibrant aesthetics, yet different one from the other – controversial in the case of the last two – our protagonists all have in common a striking joie de vivre à La Dolce Vita”

Alright. When he says it, it shall be true – maybe. We are happy to be a part of this ‘Dolce Vita’-crew and are also happy to give the Italo-collection our dandy-touch. 

For the completion of my hooded cellar-look I was wearing fake-leather trousers by G-STAR, white socks by PRADA, a watch by FILA and shoes by KANGAROOS x VIOVIO

Fotos: Bonnie Strange

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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