Look du Jour – 112

The unofficial, and ever since unspoken motto of our DANDY DIARY PARTY was: maximal harshness. And because we are no wee-wee’s, we are willing to arm the motto in it’s full harshness also at ourselves.

Which basically means: David got indian war-paint on his dry face and hands – brutally with an old coal-pencil. I said bye to the probably ugliest hair-style in the history of German fashion, shaved off my blonde neck-rat and coloured the rest black, just like the dress-code asked for. Both things hurt us, but were necessary – not only because of the motto.

The rest of our outfits for the night were completely black. David was wearing classic hooligan loafers by DOC MARTENS, a sweater and pants by SOPOPULAR and consequently no underwear.

I was wearing shoes by ADIDAS, socks from AMERICAN APPAREL, leggings from NIKE, an undershirt by KINDER & TANK, a dress by MONKI, a baseball shirt by URBAN OUTFITTERS, as-well as – very important! – a gun wallet by NICKLAS KUNZ.

With this we were ready for the most harsh, brutal and total DANDY DIARY PARTY ever.

Photos: Peter Kaaden

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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