Look du Jour – 111

Also Kazakh terrorists have to take showers, therefore the common and long process of getting into an all-black working uniform – the key piece is the total coverage – is also part of their lives.

You can see, how they are doing it exactly, in our new ‘Look du Jour – 111’: Transformation peut à peut of a teeth-brushing nudist into a Soviet professional killer, who would have had a huge career in the 80s, making hollywood-action-slash movies

For the real Russian killer-look I was wearing: white towels (JOOP), a tooth-brush by ORAL-B, white underpants by AMERICAN APPAREL, an oversized no-name undershirt, which I bought in Harlem and it nearly cost me my life, white socks by H&M, a black fake-leather by G-STAR, a creme-coloured belt by AMERICAN APPAREL, a turtle-neck sweater by TOPMAN, several pieces of jewelry, hair gel by TONI & GUY, a black-grey jacket by TOPMAN, black boots by CAT FOOTWEAR, a black coat by WEEKDAY, a vintage scarf and a fake-fur beanie by Bonnie


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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