Look du Jour – 107

David and I – our loved ones will agree – are hopeless romantics and truly emotional. Therefore autumn is our favourite time of the year.

As soon as the leaves start falling, the sky is covering in grey and the brutal Berlin coldness is crawling from the dog shit covered ground into your body, then we feel great – yes! – great. Most of the time we then go out for a doggie walk or just throw leaves at each other until we are sick.

Last sunday, after a summer that has been way too long, it was time again: David and I met at the park and lost ourselves in the beauty of autumn. Our new intern Julian felt a bit alienated by this true intimacy, still he would not miss picturing one single precious moment of this melancholic setting.

During our beautiful jaunt we were wearing our new autumn shoes by PALLADIUM. Besides David was wearing a sweater by WOOD WOOD, a fishing-inspired customized duffle-coat by DENHAM, jeans by LEVI’S and a hat that he borrowed from his russian step brother Oleg. Meanwhile I was walking around in pants blessed with a deep crotch by WEEKDAY, a polo-shirt by FRED PERRY and a scraggy jacket from my currently favourite collection: ISABEL MARANT OUR H&M.

It was a beautiful day.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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