Look du Jour – 106


Every now and then also we have to go shopping. Last time the untake-able realness took place at Wedding, Berlin. To be more exact at Aldi, all of this, so that nobody can throw in our face that we are high-born snobs , fashion sissies , who just fly first class , only sleep under five stars and consume strictly three star meals . None of this is true , it’s a lie and simply gossip, you bastards!

Despite media reporting otherwise , we are drinking beer out of plastic bottles , wipe our asses with two-layerd toilet paper and only eat vegan – canned tomatoes and cabbage that is.

To adapt also optically to our favourite , labor expense pushing and employee spying – discounter , we put on the brutally comfortable robe of the simple man. David was wearing the classic combination of white socks (PUMA) plus slippers (ADIDAS) , 7/8-trousers by Y-3 , a oversized T-shirt by COTTWEILER and a tourist hat from Korea. I pulled off a quilted leisure-suit combination by SCOTCH & SODA , a white T-shirt with mustard spots (TOPMAN), sneakers by NIKE and a G-SHOCK x NEW ERA – watch.

Concerning both outfits : more comfortable – impossible.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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