Look du Jour – 102

Since we’re not getting any younger we tested how it is when you have to wear a suit – so once you reach the gambling age 21.

And because you could never wear some H&M or ZARA suit, simply because they look like shit, we went and got the classic – black jacket, black trousers – from our friends in Metzingen, specifically: HUGO BOSS.

To not completely look like tha local bank’s manager we did not combine the awesome suits with a white shirt, tie, and Budapest shoes, but with a FRED PERRY polo shit, a longsleeve running shirt by ADIDAS, white sport socks by AMERICAN APPAREL and low top shoes by DR. MARTENS. A rather rowdy interpretation of the classic suit look.

On the metro people thought for a while that we were some new type of Yuppie-meets-hooligan-gang until we were pulled out of traffic.

Our learning: We really should work on our attitude. The outfit is all set at least.

C’est cool: Yuppie x Hooligan

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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