Look du Jour – 101

To showcase just how well the LEVI’S “Commuter” series performs I flew to NYC – and failed.

I wanted to show on the location what the awesome feature is on those jeans with the super powers: They are waterproof and withstand all weather conditions.

In denim from head to toe I was looking for water in NYC.

Since there wasn’t any coming down from above I tried very 70s-style to kick open a fire hydrant. Besides a cut in my right NIKE shoe and my favorite shades by LE SPECS having dropped on the ground there were no consequences though.

When I then also found out that the water I’d bought wasn’t sparkling as planned to be able to splash it all over the clothes, I gave up and ended up showing the other advantages of the “Commuter” series in a literally dry manner: A simple, super male, denim look, far away from any stupid cowboy clichés.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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