London Fashion Week: Shaun Samson A/W 2013

It was only recently that we stumbled upon Shaun Samson in a Opening Ceremony in London. Even though we haven’t known him for very long we already huge fans of his work.

Samson showed his A/W 2013 collection accompanied by hard hip hop beats on the runway of the Hospital Club. The designer who grew up in California definitely has an affinity for the XXL silhouette. You can recognize his US background in his fashion.

The now Londoner showed oversized tops reminiscent of NHL hockey jerseys, together with ¾ pants and 30 hole combat boots. He also presented tracksuits and Grunge-inspired looks which is typical for his athletic approach to fashion.

In terms of styling a Prada influence was recognizable, because Samson showed the turtleneck-underneath-dress-shirt-look, like many other designers currently do.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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