London Fashion Week: KTZ Spring/Summer 2014

To a blasting mix of rough techno beats and oriental singing KTZ presented their newest collection in the Hospital Club in London.

Marja Pejoski and Sasha Bezovski, the brains behind KTZ, did not only make traditional clash with modern from a music perspective but also with their fashion. The silhouettes, especially the mummery, were reminiscent of desert tribes having to protect themselves from sun and sandstorms.

The all over prints on the other hand, made us think of an infernal high-tech apocalypse. All in all a very wild collection that should cause fans’ hearts (we’re among them) to skip a beat. Or two.

 Our favorite look of the collection: T-shirt with XXL Ying Yang symbol, white wideleg pants, sandals, with scarf and cap. Should we ever be forced to rob a bank because we’re broke (not that unrealistic currently) this would definitely be our look.

You can find additional imagery over at FuckingYoung


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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