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How Instagram is revolutionising the World of Fashion

If you wonder, how fashion is going to be presented in the future, it will certainly depend on the media, which spreads it.

At the AW 2014 shows, it was noticeable, that more and more designers are letting their models stand in front of the viewers for a few minutes after the show. So that the visitors of the show can easily take a (sharp) I-Phone-shot for Instagram. Here is where the influence of the photo-sharing-app Instagram on the happening of the catwalk can be seen.

But the influence of Instagram on fashion does not start at the end of the ‘finale walks’, but at the castings, since more and more models are found over the socials.

The times are over, in which a model scout would go to supermarkets, malls, shopping streets and discos to find ‘new faces’. On the social networks, it is much easier for model scouts to look over a wider mass. The chance to find a model, which is appropriate to the standards of the market, is much bigger.

It is becoming smart, when fashion-brands, turn the casting into a social-media spectacle. That happened at MARC JACOBs AW 2014 campaign. With the hashtag #castmemarc, ‘normal people’ had the chance to post selfies on Instagram, hoping to become the ‘new face’ of the Marc Jacobs campaign.

Over 70.000 people joined the competition. A casting, that has not only brought fresh faces to MJ and his team, but mainly press and a social-media hype.

Also ASOS, Brandy Melville and Lauren Punter have already casted over the socials. Even Karl Lagerfeld turns his casting into an open, PR-strong happening. Monsieur Karl is currently looking on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #walkwithkarl for the next Topmodel.

The addressing of potential models on socials is similar to the street, says Aly Ely, modelscout at Woman Direct, the online-magazine Daily Beast: ‘First I ask them, if they are already under contract at an agency. If this is not the case and they are interested, then I send them an e-mail from my work, to make everything official.’

But the casting on Instagram does not only have advantages. Because the improving Instagram filters make the work of a scout harder. The actual potential of a boy or girl can often only be realised, after they send #nofilter photos via e-mail.

The potential of castings on socials has not only been discovered by model scouts, but also by cyber-voyeurism, who’s actors are using false accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of model-agencies (happened to: Next Models Management Agency) to get hold of pictures of (half)-naked wannabe models.

Von: Julian






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