London Fashion Week: Craig Green – ‘genius Layer-Looks and graphic Handwork’

CRAIG GREEN, we find him great (superlative is totally appropriate at this place), because it simply is striking how the young Brit creates layer-looks and how he supplementary edits the fabric. 

Also his AW 2014 collection – his 3rd and therefore last show powered by MAN (Topman initiative to support young designers)- rocked. The god of layers about his latest work after the show:

‘The prints were all hand painted, really intricate and then we washed them up like tapestries. Persian rugs were the idea. So a kind of lo-fi opulence and clashing with functional workwear. The layers of skirts are bold masculine, and we wanted it to feel romantic, old and romantic. Kind of…found.’

During Roxettes ‘listen to your heart’ (we do not have any information about the irritating choice of music), cut-out-hats were presented, which, together with the floor-long silhouette, created an asian look. The form of the bonnets, worn by the models, reminded us of fancy bonnets for falcons, seated on the shoulders of arabic princes. 

Our favourite look of the collection: a black 4-layers-look made of alcantra – a micro-fiber fabric, which is usually covering car-seats, with that, a low-sitting XXL-hat and a leather bondage backpack in the hand:

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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