London Fashion Week: Bobby Abley is showing us the ‘Dark Side of Disney World’

The BOBBY ABLEY 2014 collection made me think of the last Instagram shots by my Dandy Diary bro Jakob from Disney World. ABLEY is showing us Disneys dark side.

He is playing with the typography of Disney and used it for words like ‘brain’ and ‘RIP’ printed on sweaters. At the beginning of the show the song ‘come along and sing our song and join our family’ from the Mickey Mouse club was playing, just before M.I.A.’s Meds and Feds was floating the room. 

The humorous approach in ABLEYs creation makes one think of Jeremy Scott (Abley was working for him). The silhouette – 3/4 pants – the chart of colour – a lot of pink – reminded us of the work of London-based fashion designer ASTRID ANDERSEN.

The models wore cut-out-mickey-mouse-caps (by Piers Atkinson) and mouth-jewellry, which were allowing a deep in-sight. Also ABLEYs sweaters with the iconic teddy-bear-logo were present. 

Highlights of his AW 2014 collection, carrying the title ‘Phantom Manor’, were the fluffy shorts made out of mohair. All in all a successful collection. Mainly because ABLEY was able to fashionably interpret a well-known topic – Disney World – with his own language.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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